Triangles, Circles,
and Squares - Oh, My!

The Shape of Things
An Internet Project

About the Project...
Jennifer Wagner of Jenuine Tech is always busy thinking about technology and creating amazing projects to enhance everyone's skills! The Shape of Things is her latest standards-based brainchild!

In this project students are asked to create collages, computer-generated art, or digital camera images using only triangles, circles, and squares. Students (assisted by teachers) will create one project (from the 3 options) and then upload their images to a CLASS PHOTO ALBUM at one of the suggested online photo storage locations.

Since we were completing our unit on Geometry, this was a perfect culminating activity for us!

Our Work...
This project inspired us to take on the ambitious task of creating a hardcover book online at I was a bit concerned about the children being able to take digitals with the clarity needed for our work. I did NOT need to worry - they did an AMAZING job! We LOVED this project, and hope you enjoy our work as much as we did in creating it.

Here are the steps we followed:

  • Step 1 - Discussion and Grouping
    I introduced the project, explaining that we would be making a book to donate to the Library. Although the book would be for everyone, our target audience would be the incoming Kindergarteners, so our work would be limited to their "world." I also explained that they would be taking digital photographs to illustrate the book. Groups were chosen - triangles, circles, and squares.
  • Step 2 - Shape Hunt
    I enlisted the help of two terrific parents so that each group would have a leader. With clipboards in hand, the groups went out to search for their shapes in the Office, Library, First Floor Hallway, Lunchroom, and the Kindergarten Playground. Each found object was recorded.
  • Step 3 - Choosing Shapes and Assigning Photographers
    Groups met to choose the two best shapes in each location. Our criteria included:
    1. Must be obvious.
    2. Must be there at all times.
    3. Must be an object a kindergartener can find.
    Each object was then assigned a photographer.
  • Step 4 - Taking Photos and Creating Text
    Our next step was to take out the digital cameras! Each student was asked to take two photos of their object, one of which was a close-up. After all the photos were taken, students worked to create a bit of text for each.
  • Step 5 - Definitions
    Each group then worked to write a simple definition of their shape.
  • Step 6 - Upload, Slide Show, and Book
    The final step was to upload all the photos to A slideshow was created using Caption Borders, as well as our book Triangles, Circles, and Squares - Oh, My! You can view both below.

To view our slideshow

  1. Click on link.
  2. Click on View Pictures.
  3. Go to Select and click on ALL.
  4. Click on View as Slideshow.
Slideshow of The Shape of Things at Peirce School

To view our book

  1. Click on link.
  2. Click on View Photo Book
  3. Click on Slideshow.
Slideshow of our book Triangles, Circles, and Squares - Oh, My!

Resources by Jenuine Tech
Jennifer has put together some terrific worksheets and activities for this project. Be sure to check them out - they will work well with any Shapes or Geometry unit!

Shapes, Shapes Everywhere
A Second-Grade Geometry Unit Aligned with Mathematics Standards

Shape Theme
Several excellent examples of related books, plus lots of ideas!

Storyplace Shapes - I Spy Shapes
Online activity especially for students - easy, but can be tricky!

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