Shoeless and Bark
An Internet Project

Shoeless and Bark are on the trail again in 2005. Our class was very happy to host them for September 2005. To learn about Jennifer Wagner's great travel buddy project, click here.
Shoeless and Bark are getting ready for a big week in Ms. Jacoby's Second Grade at Peirce School in Arlington, MA.

After being introduced to the class, Shoeless and Bark spent some time with Rosy the Posy, part of our "Seeds of Discovery Pack" that goes home with the students on weekends.

* Our Week with Shoeless and Bark *
Our plans for our week with Shoeless and Bark included:
  • An introduction to this period of history
  • Daily "entries" into journal pages
  • Learning about maps, map keys, and mapmaking
  • Making maps of our playground
  • A visit from our principal, Mr. Penta
  • Exploration of our school grounds, especially in terms of the flora, and sketching what was found
Learning about Lewis and Clark proved to be very exciting for the children. We began with an introduction of Shoeless and Bark and the items we found in their box.

Next we read A Picture Book of Lewis and Clark by David Adler. These biographies are just right for second graders. (Be sure to check out the long list of biographies from this author.)

Each day we would discuss the journal topic for the day and write our entries. These discussions were very thought-provoking - sharpening our critical thinking skills.

Our principal, Mr. Penta, is a coin collector, and he has many wonderful coins that commerate the Lewis and Clark 200th Anniversary. We truly enjoyed his visit to our classroom where he shared his coins with us. Each of us also got to keep a buffalo nickel, one of the nickels minted in honor of Lewis and Clark.

As with Lewis and Clark, we ran into a few unexpected problems. First of all, our digital camera was not working! Then, each time we planned to explore or map our school grounds, it rained! We hope to accomplish both of these activities, however, in the upcoming weeks. (We will post updates on this page.)

Before we knew it, it was time for Shoeless and Bark to continue their journey. This time on to Ms. Huling's class of first graders in PA. So long, Shoeless and Bark, happy trails to you!

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