Simple Machines
Learning about simple machines can be loads of fun.
Try these links below to learn more.

Especially for Kids

Simple Machines Activities
Very interactive, includes Teacher's Guide

Simple Machines Learning Site
Simple info and great experiments - very good!

Simple Machines at
Learn about the six simple machines
with activities perfect for second graders

The Simple Machines Construction Site
Earn a Worker's License as you learn about simple machines!

Understanding Simple Machines from the Franklin Institute
Try these online games:
Balancing Frogs
Pick the Bits
Cluncky Cogs

Dirtmeister's Science Reporters on Simple Machines

How Can You Lift Four Times Your Weight?
A lesson on levers
Especially for Teachers and Parents

Simple Machines Made Simpler

Physical Science Home Page
Some excellent background information for parents and teachers,
plus a great graphic of all 6 machines that could printed as a mini-poster

Simple Machines Unit
Lots of links to resources

Marvelous Machines
A third grade unit with experiments

Simple Machines Unit Plan

Simple Machines at Teacher's Corner

Simple Machines
Lots to learn and do with these links

Simple Machines
Loads of links

More links for Simple Machines

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