Autumn brings many changes and one of the most amazing is the migration of the monarch butterfly to Mexico. To help us celebrate this miracle of nature we joined, along with classrooms across the continent, Journey North's Symbolic Migration. This project not only is a perfect match for our Science work with the Life Cycle of the Butterfly, it also introduces the children to one of our Math concepts - Symmetry!

Please enjoy our beautiful butterflies who flew off to join the monarchs in Mexico!

Sparkle Light by Dania

Fireball by Drew

Fireworks by Ellyce

Colored Dragon by Henry

Nicky by Isabella

Magic by Jasmin

Happy by Jasmine

Freedom by Kate

Ugo by Lucas

Pink-dotted Morpho by Maia

Jet by Michael

Flappy by Mike

Mike by Nathaniel

Glider by Ryan

Cutey II by Samantha

Cutey by Stephanie

Spider Rare by Tate

Spots by Telden

Quilty by Venice

Rainbow by Zachary
There were many requirements for the project, including a "cluster packet." This packet will be displayed in a classroom in Mexico, along with all our beautiful butterflies, for the winter.

We were asked to decorate our cluster envelopes, so I asked Tate if he would like to do so at home. Look at the fabulous job Tate and his dad did in designing our envelope! Many thanks to both of them!

In the Spring, our butterflies will NOT fly back to us, but rather to other classrooms across the U.S. and Canada. In return, we will receive butterflies from all over Canada and the U.S.!

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