Soil, Soil, Soil

"Children are delighted and amazed by soil. Some can while away hours making sand castles at the beach or scooping up sand by the bucketful at the neighborhood sandbox. Others turn ordinary spoons into instruments of adventure as they dig holes as big as craters in their own backyard. Many children inspect the soil for the treasures it yields--worms, insects, fossils, rocks. They might grow flowers in rich garden soil or squeeze wet clay into fanciful shapes. And, after a pouring rain, they enjoy the simple pleasure of splashing through mud puddles."

So begins the introduction to our STC unit on Soils. Check out the links below to learn more about this Science unit - a most interesting topic!


Soils Unit Overview

S.K. Worm Answers Your Questions About Soil

Soil Songs

Sammy Soil - A Coloring Book Story

Soil Science Education Page

Take A Virtual Tour into Soil
Underground Adventure
Visit the online exhibit from Chicago's Field Museum of Natural History

Soil Science and Worm Composting

Get the Latest Dirt on...Soils

The Great Plant Escape - Soiled Again!

Jillene holds a worm friend.
It will work in our compost bags.

Here is what our compost bags
looked like on May 23rd.

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