Our Spelling Spot - Here you'll find:

Feel free to print out the Spelling Words list,
as well as the Sharp Speller steps

Visit Spelling City for printable lists and games of all our Spelling Words.
Go to the site. Click on "Find A List." Type Ms. Jacoby (exactly).

Being a great speller is not as difficult as you may think, but it does take practice. When you practice your words, follow the steps below, and you'll be a...


ee - Look at the word.

ear - Say the word aloud.

dopt - Close your eyes. Spell the word.

ecord - Cover the word. Write the word.

roofread - Check the word.

Click on the pages below for a list of 90 Essential Words and to learn the ABC's of our Spelling Program.

90 Essential Spelling Words
The ABC's of Spelling - Our Program Overview

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