The ABC's of our
Spelling Program

Your child's Spelling Program this year will consist of three major components - our Spelling ABC's. The weekly spelling routine at school will include:
  • Spelling Pretest on Monday
  • Finding "sightings" of our weekly words in our work, especially Reading and Writing
  • Final Spelling Test on Friday
Your spelling routine at home should include:
  • Checking for weekly words on Monday - homework on Mondays will often relate to these words
  • Reviewing the words on Tuesday, paying particular attention to words which may be difficult for your child.
  • Giving your child a practice "test" on Thursdays, having him/her write each word.
Don't forget to have your child use the S-H-A-R-P speller steps when studying.

Now, let's learn the ABC's of our program...

LWAYS connect sounds to words.
Your child already knows many sounds. It is extremely important that your child makes a connection between the isolated sounds s/he may know and the spelling of words. I consistently encourage the children to use their prior knowledge when spelling words.
EGIN with the 90 Essential Words.
For the first half of the year, your childs' spelling words will come from the 90 Essential Words for Second Graders list. Taken from "The Spelling Sourcebook", this list consists of high-frequency words found in reading and writing. For a copy of this list, see the Spellng Words page in this folder.
ONTINUE with Reading words.
For the second half of our year, your child's spelling lists will be taken directly from our Reading program. Included in these lists may be a review of some of the 90 Essential Words. Most of these words can also be found in "The Spelling Sourcebook" and are meant to reinforce, extend and challenge your second grade speller.
I hope this has been helpful. If you have questions,
please feel free to email me at Ms. Jacoby.

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