Student Showcase

Here are just a few examples of some of
the wonderful work of former students.


After reading Nannabah's Friend we became interested in the Navajo tradition of weaving. Wonderful parent and weaver, Mary Brooks, helped us learn about this great art form.

Weather Masks

As an extension of our work with Internet project, Project Groundhog, Art teacher Wendy Campbell and her student teacher worked with the children to create these great masks.

Descriptive Writing ~ Spring

Based on our involvement with That's What Happens When It's Spring, an Internet project, the children wrote absolutely terrific descriptive paragraphs about this most wonderful time of the year.

Spring Art Slideshow

These are the illustrations that accompanied our descriptive paragraphs, put together into an online slideshow. Please enjoy!

Daffodil Haiku

We have an annual American Cancer Society fund-raiser at our school, known as "Daffodil Day." The flowers are always so beautiful, and truly inspire us. Here you will find haiku poetry written to celebrate the day.

Castle Days

The genre of fairy tales plays an important role in our literacy work in second grade. After reading Rumpelstiltskin we always have a castle building project. Here you may view some of the wonderful castles from 2002. To learn more about our work with castles and fairy tales, click here.

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