Ms. Jacoby ~ Grade 2 ~ Peirce School
Here is a list of supplies your child will need to do his/her best at school.
Some of these supplies will need to be replenished throughout the year.
Special Note to Parents
In second grade your child will need two sets of supplies -
one for school, one for homework. Please keep this is mind when purchasing supplies.
Please mark all school supplies with your child's name, including all markers.
Many thanks for your help!
Click on each item for a visual of that supply.
  • 2 Packages of thick AND 1 package of thin Crayola CLASSIC MARKERS (10 count) - Classic colors are a MUST. Note: no washable markers, please - these smudge on hands and papers - thank you!
    1 package THICK and 1 package THIN come to school, 1 THICK stays home for homework.
    These will need to be replenished at December and April holiday times.

  • 2 GLUE "STICS" - I recommend the large Avery glue stics as they are the easiest to use and longest lasting (one place I know they're availabe is Staples).
    1 comes to school, 1 stays home for homework/projects.
    These will need to be replenished several times during the year. Please, no liquid glue stics.

  • PENCILS (at least 4) "CHUBBY" (PRIMARY) with erasers - An essential tool - these pencils are usually called "My First Pencil" or "Beginners"- recommended brand is Ticonderoga. These thicker pencils will develop muscles needed for cursive later in year. Pencils will need to be replenished throughout the year.

  • ERASERS - Another essential tool - Large pink or white erasers work best ("Magic Rub"are very good).

  • SCISSORS - a good pair of children's scissors - I recommend children's Fiskars. They are well worth the investment!

  • SCHOOL BOX - small size (no large ones, please). Please remove packaging, label all the above supplies, place them in the schoolbox and show your child how to organize them there. Thanks!

  • For the class, ALL GIRLS please bring a box of Puffs tissues
  • For the class, ALL BOYS please bring Clorox wipes (orange scent preferred)
“Homework Supplies Box or Bag”

Your child’s homework supplies may be stored in a small schoolbox or large ziploc bag filled with new markers, scissors, glue stic, pencils, eraser, and pencil sharpener This box/bag comes out ONLY for homework assignments, and allows your child to have supplies at their fingertips. It’s also great to have on hand if homework needs to be done somewhere other than home - just bring along the box or bag!


**Ms. Jacoby's Wish List**

If you would like to contribute to our classroom in an "above and beyond" way any time of the year,
the following are always greatly appreciated...:-)
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