Symbolic Migration 2007
Journey North has a wonderful project that brings us into the world of the monarch butterfly's amazing migration. Called Symbolic Migration it asks us to create paper butterflies which will "fly" (through the mail) to Mexico to over winter with the real monarchs. Then in the Spring, new butterflies will return to us, completing this incredible journey. Here are our 2007 butterflies who took the trip to Mexico. Please enjoy!

Redhead by Alex
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Lightning Strike by Amy

Butterscotch by Andre

Stripey by Anna

Sports by Bailey

Flames by Brandon

Camster by Camden

Colors by Carl

Yin Yang by Francis

Firefly by Jenny

Gypsy by Jillian

Shape by Jimin

Flash by Maxime

Revolution by Nathaniel

Flutter by Noa

Blaze by Sam

Smile by Sarah

Bullseye by Sebastian

Purple by Sophie

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