Thanksgiving Time
The Pilgrims and their encounter with the Wampanoag people is an important part of our second grade Social Studies curriculum. Below you will find some of the activities in which we engage to address this piece of history. We hope you find them helpful.

A very helpful resource is the following:
Complete Thematic Unit Developed in Cooperation with the Pilgrim Hall Museum Susan Moger
Includes their fascinating story along with a creative selection of cross-curricular activities, books links, and a big bright Mayflower poster.
Grades K-3
ISBN# COM49787-1
One of the activities in the Pilgrims book is a model of a Pilgrim home. I photocopy it onto heavy white paper, then the children color it and cut it out. Once assembled we "thatch" the roof with toothpicks. Finally, a Pilgrim garden is created on a half size piece of oaktag. Below is an example of one of our completed projects.

Samantha's model of a Pilgrim home.
Literacy Resources
In recent years a bounty of books with accurate information
has emerged which truly help children understand this period of history.
Here are three of my favorites:
The Pilgrims" First Thanksgiving

For lots of activities related to this book, click here.

On the right is just one of the great ideas you'll find. Here is a printable version of the poem.
Pilgrim, Pilgrim
(by M. Hubbard)

Pilgrim, Pilgrim, what do you see?
I see the king refusing my plea.
Pilgrim, Pilgrim, what do you see?
I see the Mayflower ready for sea.
Pilgrim, Pilgrim, what do you see?
I see a new land to set me free.
Pilgrim, Pilgrim, what do you see?
I see a hard winter, tough as can be.
Pilgrim, Pilgrim, what do you see?
I see a green bud on a spring tree.
Pilgrim, Pilgrim, what do you see?
I see an Indian helping me.
Pilgrim, Pilgrim, what do you see?
I see corn growing 1, 2, 3!
Pilgrim, Pilgrim, what do you see?
I see praise, for thankful are we!

Jack and Annie of Magic Treehouse fame find themselves in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Whether you're already a fan of this great series, or not, you'll want to check this one out!

For a teacher's guide with activities for this book, click here.
(Be sure to scroll down on the page.)
Thanksgiving on Thursday

For a great Thanksgiving Quilt block, click here.

The Pilgrims and Me

Part of the new Smart About History series. Simply terrific!
Before a family trip to Plymouth Plantation (an exact replica of the first Pilgrim village), all Maggie knew about the Pilgrims was that they had "something to do with Thanksgiving." In her class report, Maggie compares the Pilgrims's Thanksgiving with her family's traditions today, and shows readers the importance of this very special holiday.
Compare and Contrast
This a great book to assist children with Compare and Contrast skills. Check out the online resources below.
Wampanoag Indians, Pilgrims, and Me
Use this PowerPoint slide show to ask children to compare and contrast the Pilgrims, Wampanoags and themselves.
Created for kindergarteners, but applicable to many grades.
Comparing Native Americans, Pilgrims, and Me
Printable chart that allows children to compare and contrast

Digital photo taken by Lanise Jacoby on a field trip to Plimoth Plantation
More Resources
1620 and Beyond
See digital photos of our field trip to Plimoth Plantation,
plus find lots of links to useful resources.
Please note: Digital photos missing at this time due to former website issues.

ABC's of the First Thanksgiving
A readers' theater script from Marci McGowan
A must see!!

The Legend of the Five Kernels
Learn the legend and let it become part of your tradition!

Thanksgiving Blessings Mix
Have the children make this to give to their family with accompanying card.
This one is a keeper!

The History of Thanksgiving
A short video of the history of the holiday from the History Channel

Thanksgiving Resources Made for Parents and Teachers
Tons of ideas - check it out!

Integrated Thanksgiving Unit
A wonderful resource with lots of great ideas!

Fun and Games
Mayflower Model Pattern
Make your own model of the Mayflower!
Directions for Putting the Model Together

Thanksgiving Treasures
Marci McGowan has put together a wonderful mixture
of useful info, resources, and fun for kids.

The Holiday Zone - Thanksgiving
Lots of helpful ideas ~ be sure to try the songs and fingerplays page!

Looking for a quick printable to engage the kids?
Try this:
How many words can you make from the word Thanksgiving?

Click here for a page to print and cut out to accompany this activity.

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