Shedding Some Light on Our Theme
In our class we have a yearly theme. Themes help to build a sense of community and spirit in the classroom and give us a focus for the year.

We will be navigating our way this year, as we move to our new school, and LIGHTHOUSES will 'LIGHT OUR WAY HOME."

Let Your Peirce Pride Shine!
Our yearly theme is tied into a classroom incentive program in which children earn Peirce Prides (PPs) for demonstrating the following:
Each child has a chart to keep track of their Peirce Prides as they move through various levels. This year everyone will begin as a "Landlubber." :-) After 20 PPs they will become a Lighthouse Explorer. Another 30 Peirce Prides will earn them the title of Lighthouse Assistant and an additional 50 PPs will bestow upon them the honor and title of Keeper of the Lights (Lighthouse Keeper)!

Once children receive the title of "Keeper of the Light" they receive, as part of their ceremony, a special key. This key might unlock the treasure chest at the Lighthouse Depot.

Our Peirce Pride is shining brightly!
Click here to see who's made the Keeper's List!

An exciting part of our theme this year will be corresponding with the Lighthouse Kitty through e-mail! Lighthouse Kitty will even be sending us special lighthouse postcards for our birthdays!!

A Patchwork of Places and Poetry
Inspired by lighthouses, they were our "place"
and subject of our poetry in this great Internet project.
See our work, including our poetry and quilts, here.

Mrs. DeWire's "Learning with Lighthouses"

Toni Buzzeo Books - The Sea Chest
Lots of links to lighthouse units

Saving Avery Point Light
This lighthouse truly needs our help. Please help us save it!

Lighthouse Books
There are so many wonderful books about lighthouses.
Check them out in this list from Barnes and Noble.

Boston Light
Be sure to click on the link to see our own Boston Light's signal!

Eastern Point Light

Matinicus Rock Light

New England Lighthouses - A Virtual Tour
Many pages contain video of lighthouses or their lights.
Click on the state you want to investigate.

Lighthouse Explorer Database
Explore lighthouses around the world!

Top 25 Lighthouse Websites List
Many interesting links to investigate

Lighthouse Depot
Looking to purchase lighthouse items? This is the place to go!
The Lighthouse Depot also has a great museum!

A Lighthouse Coloring Page
printable from Connecticut

Teachers' Guide for Teaching About Lighthouses K-4
from the U.S. Coast Guard

The Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Gray Bridge with Other
  ISBN: 0152045740
For the sixtieth anniversary of this classic story, the proud little lighthouse and the big bridge make their debut in the Lullaby Lights gift series with a charming glass night-light featuring the beaming lighthouse!

A gift sure to please the young and the young at heart!
Enjoy this song with your class, sung to the tune "I'm a Little Teapot".

I'm a little lighthouse tall and bright.
I warn the ships throughout the night.
When the ships come closer, I begin to shout,
"The shore is near, so please watch out!"

Here you will find photos of some of the lighthouses I have visited. Students: If you have some photos of lighthouses you have visited, please email me and I will add them to this page.
Goat Island
Cape Porpoise, Maine
Part of the Kennebunks

Learn more here.
Check out the tide cam!
Cape Neddick Light
(Nubble Light)
York, Maine

Learn more here.
Check out the live cam!

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