It's About Time!
Stop the Clock 1
Time to the hour and half hour
Drag the digital times to analog clocks
How fast can you do it?! VERY fun!

Stop the Clock 2
Time to 15 minutes

Stop the Clock 3
Time to 5 minutes

Stop the Clock 4
Time to the minute

Bang on Time
Challenging, but fun!

Tell the Time
Some easy practice to get you started.
Hear the time in English and Welsh!

Time Teacher
Great practice for the minute hand,
but keep in mind the hour hand does not show
the true place on real clocks.

Willy the Watchdog
Play with a friend or a parent! Who will win?
Click your mouse on the gear to move the hands.

The Clock Quiz - What Time Is It?
Some VERY cool clocks and quizzes
created by second graders!
You HAVE to see this - you wil LOVE it!
Be sure to take the New Clocks Quiz, too!

Train Times
Some great thinking questions!

AM and PM Times

The Right Time
The times are easy, but you need to decide whether itís AM or PM

Jayzee Bearís Day
Whatís happening during Jayzee Bearís Day AND Night?
Note: Jayzee Bear goes to bed over two hours too late!
What time SHOULD Jayzee go to bed?

Just in Time
Lesson plans, printables, games, and more!

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