Tunia's Visit
Tunia is a ladybug (of the stuffed variety). She's also a world traveler, and we're delighted that she will pay a visit to our classroom here in Arlington, Massahcusetts, especially since our class theme this year is LADYBUGS!

Photo courtesy of G. Cafferty

Tunia's home is in Ms. Cafferty's second grade at the Reservoir School in Providence, Rhode Island. She loves spending her days with the boys and girls in Room 201. She also adores reading and her favoritie thing to do is snuggle up in the garden with a good book. Although she loves her home, she has a yearning to learn more about the great, wide world and dearly wishes to visit other schools and gardens. Tunia's wishes became the "seeds" of the idea of Ms. Cafferty's project ~ Tunia's Travels.

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Tunia's Visit ~ Week 1
It's the first week of October and Tunia has arrived - just in time for our trip to Eastern Point Lighthouse and Hammond Castle on Friday! Here's the first email we sent to her "family".

Dear Ms. Cafferty and Class,
Tunia arrived today (Monday, September 29, 2003) at about 10:30 A.M. She had a tad bit of "mail lag" so spent a "relaxing' rest of the day.

She saw the children doing "Math Strings" - strings of numbers, using strategies of combinations of ten, "tens trick" (10+1=11, 10+2=12, etc,), and doubles to find the answers. Then she oversaw Guided Reading (groups read Masks book in preparation for making masks next week), and then a bit of Reading vocabulary work, but....the HIGHLIGHT of her day was taking a look at "Ladybug Land" with our classroom pets, Hugs and Kisses (that's the photo). Although our ladybugs were released last week, their empty pupae were still attached to the sides of Ladybug Land. Tunia found these VERY interesting!

Tunia is also very excited to learn that she will be visiting a lighthouse and castle on Friday!!!!! We'll keep you posted!

Ms. Jacoby and Class

Dear Ms. Cafferty and Boys and Girls,
Well, Tunia certainly had a VERY exciting Friday. She had a long bus ride to Gloucester, Massachusetts where she climbed a lighthouse!!! She also visited a castle. She LOVED the courtyard which is filled with a pool and lots of flowers and plants.

You can see lots of pictures of her on our Tunia page at http://msjacoby.com/tunia.html There are also links there where you can learn more about Eastern Point Light (the lighthouse) and Hammond Castle and see lots more photos, too.

Tunia loved it, but was glad to be able to rest over the weekend!
Talk with you next week,
Ms. Jacoby and Class
~ Tunia's Field Trip to Gloucester, MA ~
Tunia was flying high when she saw Eastern Point Light. The day was a bit chilly, but gorgeous blue skies were above and a dazzling blue ocean surrounded her. She couldn't believe she was actually going to climb the spiral stairs to the top!

After lunch at Stage Fort Park, it was time to visit Hammond Castle.
Tunia poses for a picture at the drawbridge above.

Knowing how Tunia loves plants and flowers, you can only imagine how excited she was to see the castle's beautiful courtyard!
Everyone loved it when Sasha was crowned Queen of the castle,
and Gino was chosen to model the very heavy medieval maile.
The field trip was absolutely amazing, but very tiring.
Tunia was glad to relax for a moment in a very royal bedroom!
Tunia's Visit ~ Week 2

Here Tunia is getting ready to have her picture taken.
Class Pictures
Everyone was all excited about "Picture Day." The girls and boys looked terrific with their special clothes and styled hair, but Tunia was feeling a bit left out.

No problem! Tunia had official school photos taken and was even included in our class picture! We can't wait to see all the photos!

Thank you, Errico Studios!
Dear Ms. Cafferty and Class,

This week Tunia spent a lot of time getting to know our classroom better. She was particularly pleased with our Peirce Pride board and loved seeing how the children are doing with their own "Lucky Ladybug" metamorphosis.

We also explored some of Tunia's wonderful pages, such as Tunia's Thinking Page, on her own homepage.

Next week we hope to learn about the trees around our school.

Your friends,
Ms. Jacoby and Class
Tunia's Visit ~ Week 3

Dear Ms. Cafferty and Boys and Girls,
Well, we are ashamed to say that Tunia did not get much attention in Week 3 of her visit.

First of all, we had Monday off for Columbus Day. Secondly, our plans to investigate the school grounds were put on hold due to torrential rains and very disagreeable weather.

Third of all, we were all up way too late, rooting for our Red Sox team, and so hoping that they would go to the World Series. I guess you all know the outcome of that story :-(
We love our

We promise to do better next week!
Your friends,
Ms. Jacoby and Class
Tunia's Visit ~ Week 4

Dear Ms. Cafferty and Girls and Boys,
We are pleased to tell you that Tunia was queen of the room this week (complete with her own crown and wand)!

On Monday she had a tour of our grounds and learned about some of our oak trees - one of which ("The Grandmother Tree") was planted in Revolutionary War times!

On Tuesday she heard "The Ladybug Book" - the true story of how a second grade class made the ladybug the official state insect in Massachusetts. You can read an online version of the book through a link on our page Ladybug Links page.

On Thursday, she was one of the highlights of our Open House, as she greeted almost all of our families. The children told their parents all about her journey this year and they were MOST impressed!!

Tunia prepares for Open House.
Tunia before Open House.
Tunia after Open House.
Hmmmm, her "after picture" looks a lot like Ms. Jacoby after Open House!
We can't believe her time with us has passed so quickly. While here, she visited Gloucester, Massachusetts and now she's off to Gloucester, Ontario - what a coincidence! We will miss her VERY much and thank you so very much for sharing her with us!

Your friends in Arlington, Massachusetts,
Ms. Jacoby and Her Second Graders