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News Archive ~ 2003-2004
News Archive ~ 2003.
Our Arlington Weather
Saving Avery Point Lighthouse

Our Class
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Our Theme
The Great American Road Trip
Our Birthdays
~ Theme Archive ~
On the Road to the White House ~ Our Fifty Nifty ~ E Pluribus Unum
Flowers ~ Explorers ~ Ladybugs ~ Lighthouses
Our Supply List
Our Year at a Glance
Our Field Trips
Night Tree ~ A Classroom Tradition
Remembering Kisses, Our Classroom Guinea Pig
Saying Goodbye to Hugs, Our Pet Guinea Pig
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6 Traits Resources
Spelling Spot
Math Story Problem Resources
Math Counts
Moon Log
Monthly Math Facts
Painted Lady Butterfly
Life Lessons We Can
Learn from Butterflies
It's About Time!
Fraction Action
Show Me the Money!
Cursive Writing
Japan - Grade 2 Resources
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U.S. State Flag Project
Our State Flag
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Internet Projects
2009 ~ 2010
Catch the Winter Olympics Fever
Pumpkin Seed Count
OREO XI Project
Symbolic Migration 2009
2008 ~ 2009
Happy Birthday, Mr. Lincoln!
The Landmarks Project
Pumpkin Seed Count 2008
Online Autumn Revival
Symbolic Migration 2008 - Migration of the Monarchs
O.R.E.O. Project X
Election 2008 Project
2007 ~ 2008
Triangles, Circles, and Squares, Oh, My!
The Shape of Things at Peirce School
U.S. Postcard Exchange
Pumpkin Seed Count 2007
O.R.E.O. Project 2007
2006 ~ 2007
Team Groundhog 2007
Kidspired Frosty Readers 2007
Charlotte's Web - Guinness Record Attempt
Charlotte's Web - Online Quizzes
Autumn Across America
Monarch Migration
Pumpkin Seed Count
2005 ~ 2006
Dance with the Butterflies
Team Groundhog 2006
Lucky Charms 2006
Town Mouse Country Mouse
Catch the Winter Olympics Fever
Frootloops to the Max 2006
Fall is Here! We Love It!
Come Grow With Us!
Shoeless and Bark 2005
2004 ~ 2005
Lucky Charms 2005
Colorful Spring
Frosty Readers 2005
Team Groundhog 2005
Happy Birthday, Pomp! ~ Pomp's 200th Birthday!
Fall into Autumn
Fall is Here ~ We Love It!
Election 2004
U.S. State Flags
Animal Expedition
Oreo 2004
Shoeless and Bark
2003 ~ 2004
Lucky Charms
Whale Tales
Team Groundhog 2004
Read A Winter Book ~ Write a Winter Poem
Snowflake Bentley and Snowden
Oreo Project ~ 2003
State Flower Eggs
The Flat Gingerbread Project
Tunia's Travels
Internet Projects 2002 ~ 2003
Internet Projects 2001 ~ 2002

Student Showcase
2009 - 2010
Flat Stanley - Flat Students
2008 - 2009
Parade of Presidents - Presidential Portraits
Pigeon for President!
Symbolic Migration 2008
2007 - 2008
Poetry with Potato Hill Poetry
Charlotte's Web Scenery
Creating Homer Zuckerman's Farm for the Play
Symbolic Monarch Migration 2007
Beautiful Butterflies
2006 - 2007
Symbolic Monarch Migration
Beautiful Butterflies
2005 - 2006
Daffodil Haiku 2006
Our Mayflower Quilt
Town Mouse, Town Mouse
Town Mice Valentines
2004 ~ 2005
Meet the Second Grade Experts
Halloween is here! We love it!
Colorful Spring
2003 ~ 2004
Dear Friends ~ An Online Collaborative Book
More Great Whale Art
Inspired by Ladybugs
2002 ~ 2003
Gallery of Dads
Lighthouse Kitty A-Z
MWRA Ceremony ~ Deer Island
Elements of a Fairy Tale
Jester Jokes
Dazzling Daymarks Quilt
Student Showcase 2001 ~ 2002

Special Days
A Visit from Representative Anne Paulsen
Mr. Penta's Coin Talks
Discover Columbus
Thanksgiving Time
1620 and Beyond ~ Plimoth Plantation
Family Traditions 2004
Family Traditions 2007
Our Nutcracker Page
Chinese New Year
100th Day
Dr. Seuss
MWRA Visits
Peirce School Monthly Highlights

Reading Lists
Math Counts
Learning Strategies
Helping Your Child Series
Learn About the Great Artists
Castles and Fairy Tales
6 Trait Writing
Types of Writing
The Literacy Web
Teaching Tolerance
ELL Resources
Out on a Limb ~ Conflict Resolution
~ Seasonal ~
Ms. Jacoby's Picks for Fun Family Excursions
Sum, Sum, Summertime
Fall Fun
Halloween Fun and Learning!
All Aboard The Polar Express!
Winter Wonders
Spring Surprises

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